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Mizuno MP R12 Black Nickel Wedges (2011)

SKU: mizuno-mp-r-12-black-nickel-wedges-2011

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    The rounded version of the MP wedge is Mizuno's first flow design model - with a playing profile specifically suited to each loft.

    Expanding upon the legendary MP line of forged wedges, Mizuno introduces ther MP-R12 Series, Featuring a more rounded, player preferred head shape, Mizuno's exclusive quad cut grooves, and loft specific sole geometry. Traditionally, the two most popular head shapes played on Tour are Teardrop and Round, and with the addition of the MP-R12 to the already popular MP T-11 Series. Mizuno now has a Grain Flow Forged wedge for either player preference. Recognizing that each wedge is used more often for certain shots depending on whether it is a gap, Sand or Lob wedge, the MP-R12 wedges are further optimized for spin and versatility through loft specific sole geometry.

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