Condition Guide & Grading

We want you to buy with confidence which is why we offer a 100% condition guarantee. The vast majority of our customers are pleasantly surprised by the condition of their pre-owned purchase and for those who are not, we make it right.

The chart below gives a general guideline of our conditions. Grading can be a bit subjective, but after grading millions of pre-owned clubs we like to think we are pretty good at it. However, there are always unique situations that arise. Probably 80-90% of our clubs fit very cleanly into one of these grades, but 10-20% of clubs can be mixed. For example, maybe a driver looks like it has zero to very little play on, but it has a significant scratch on the top. It isn’t going to qualify for "Like New" but also is better than "Average."

Grading Guidelines

  Average Good Very Good Like New Outlet
10 Point Scale 3-5 6-7 8 9 10
Typical Rounds 75+ 25-75 10-25 1-10 0
Club Face/Sole/Shaft Good amount of wear; Face wear will be more evident on wedges Normal wear Slight wear Very slight to no wear Shop wear*
Top of Woods/Hybrids Will have scuffs/scratches Probably has small scuffs/scratches Minimal scuffs/scratches Very slight to no scuffs/scratches No scuffs/scratches
Grips Grip(s) consistent with overall condition rating. Grip(s) may not be original grip or standard size. With higher condition ratings the grips are naturally in near new condition. Non Callaway items will be shipped with the grip(s) as is.

*Shop wear would be considered rub marks, smudges, or very small scratches from being displayed or transported. These will be almost unnoticeable.

*Please note that on our Like New and Outlet condition club selections, the new factory grip you will receive, may have the word “Demo” stamped into the cap of the grip. This is a new Callaway grip that was installed at our factory prior to shipment. These clubs were obtained by Callaway Golf Pre-Owned as overstock; and will not be re-gripped as they are equipped with new Callaway Golf grips.

Recently purchased and don't agree with your condition? View Condition Dispute and we'll be sure to take care of you!