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Graphite Design Tour AD XC 7 Optifit 2 Shafts

SKU: shafts-optifit-2-graphite-design-tour-ad-xc-7

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    Features & Benefits

    Graphite Design introduces the latest in the Tour AD premium line of golf shafts, the Graphite Design Tour XC – designed to provide Xtra Carry distance. Designed and manufactured at the Graphite Design Japan factory headquarters, the new Tour AD VR wood shafts are dark blue with white and silver accents and are finished with a matte clear coat. The Tour AD XC shaft profile is soft in the butt section, stiff in the center section and has a stiff tip to promote low/mid launch angle and low spin with the ball. The Tour AD XC also utilizes the brand new TORAYCA® M40X carbon-fiber pre-preg in the Mid to Tip Section of the shaft as well as the TORAYCA T1100G carbon-fiber pre-preg with NANOALLOY technology in the tip section of the shaft for unrivaled shaft stability and precise ball control without the loss of the exceptional feel that Graphite Design shafts are so well known for.

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