Nike SV Tour Black Satin Sand Wedge Mens/Right Representative Photo

Nike SV Tour Black Satin Wedges

Mens/Right • Average

SKU: yhf4458236

Club: Sand Wedge

Loft: 56°-10° (Bounce)

Shaft Material: Steel

Shaft Flex: S400 (Stiff)

Shaft Type: True Temper SV Steel

Lie Angle: Standard

Length: Standard

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Product Overview

The black satin finish of the SV Tour wedge helps reduce glare and features classic profiles and grinds providing versatility. The Nike SV wedges enhance the "spin velocity" using 8620 carbon steel to enhance feedback and feel. The CNC milled faces on this Nike wedge .002 of an inch which help spin the ball more aggressively using those microscopic tolerances.

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