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The Big Idea is Back

Can a putter make for a better stroke? What about one that puts you at ease? Would that putter change things forever? We think so, and we want to introduce you to a better engineered putter. Promote an ascending stroke and impart true forward roll with our Forward Press Stabilization. We also promote a stable, straight line with the lead arm through our unique shaft position. This means you won't have to worry about your wrists breaking. We made a visual aid to help you sink your putts by adding our Visible Face Alignment, which makes sure you can see if you're square without the shaft getting in the way. Our White Ice insert makes for better consistency, responsiveness, resiliency and sound. Get a low, deep CG and a true roll with our A.R.T (Advanced Roll Technology) that incorporates multi-material construction.

  • Visible Face Alignment: Makes it easy to look down to see if you're square without the shaft getting in your way. The result is an unprecedented way to visually line up putts.
  • Forward Press Stabilization: Promotes an ascending stroke because of a hands forward position, which makes for faster topspin and a true roll. The wrists won't break down during the stroke thanks to a shaft position that's optimized for a straight lead arm.
  • Stroke Balance: Produces a stable, fluid stroke by balancing the putter on the axis of the stroke, which means better distance control and accuracy.
  • White Ice Insert: Get better responsiveness, consistency, resiliency and sound through the multi-layer insert. We made the core 19% more firm to optimize the feel, and it's 92% stiffer for more resiliency and consistent distance control.
  • A.R.T (Advanced Roll Technology): Get a truer roll thanks to the deep, low CG from the multi-material construction.

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Mens Backstryke D.A.R.T Product Specs

Head Type Loft Availability Length Lie Head Weight
Mallet RH / LH 33" 69° 355g
Mallet RH / LH 34" 69° 355g
Mallet RH / LH 35" 69° 355g
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Odyssey Backstryke D.A.R.T. Putter 4.5 5 17 17
backstrike this is my favourite putter I have ever had it so accurate. i putt pencil grip and I never 3 putt anymore would never get another putter way to go odyssey July 12, 2012
GREAT PUTTER!!!! I bought this putter at my local golf show and i had been looking at it for months previous and it has been the best putter i have ever had. got it for [$]. It has improved my putting by 1 stroke per hole May 20, 2012
Best putter ever for me I had hoped that the sighting design would improve my accuracy....and it did! Alignment is easy. But, the bonus with this putter is the smooth roll it creates. My golf buddies are amazed at the roll that eliminates hopping and jumping off the face ( which I used to do alot). The putter is the most individualized club in our bags.So, what works for me may not work for you. But,I would strongly suggest you give this putter a try. It works for me. I am delighted with the results I have experienced with this unique putter. May 8, 2014
one of the best 3 rounds...30/31/31 putts... so easy to align....soft feel... this will be my putter for long time. Thanks Odyssey....thanks Callaway. April 21, 2014
Excellent product. Balanced, inspires confidence. The overall look, balance, feel are exceptional. Helps keep your stroke on line, ball comes off rolling instead of skipping first. The one with the 2-white balls is a little heavier and good for slow greens, while the other is lighter and good for fast greens. Would give 5 stars to each. June 12, 2013
best putter i have ever owned The putting stance has always been a challenge. This putter helps keep my stance, eye position and putting stroke consistent. February 15, 2013
Backstryke Putter Putting was always the worst part of my game. This has improved it greatly. April 2, 2012
Secret weapon Magic from 4 feet in! January 26, 2012
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