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Odyssey Backstryke 2-Ball Putter

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Product Overview

The Big Idea Is Back.

It's time for a revolutionary putter that could improve your stroke. It's time for a putter that's so good your mind will always be at ease. It's time for a putter that will change the paradigm forever. Odyssey has always pursued innovation and exploration to make products that are game changers. We've put our philosophy to use with the 2-Ball design, our insert technology, and progressively shaped putters. We bring an independent and rebellious touch to design and a focus on the science behind putting to create cutting edge putters that help golfers sink more putts.

Visible Face Alignment

Makes sure you can sink the put by giving you a clear line of sight to see if the face is square to the hole. Lining up putts on the target line has never been easier than it is with this unprecedented visual aid.

Forward Press Stabilization

Promotes an upward stroke with a hands forward position and no de-lofting. The leading arm also stays straight and stable because of the shaft position, which means the wrists will be less likely to break down. The club imparts topspin faster because of the ascending stroke pattern, which leads to a truer roll. The hand position makes for a long, low follow-through to increase consistency.

Stroke Balance

The putter is balanced on the axis of the stroke for a stable, fluid path that is more accurate and consistent for the best distance control.

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Mens Backstryke 2-Ball Product Specs

Head Type Loft Availability Length Lie Head Weight
Mallet RH Only 33" 69° 360g
Mallet RH Only 34" 69° 360g
Mallet RH Only 35" 69° 360g
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Odyssey Backstryke 2-Ball Putter 4.6 5 50 50
EXCELLENT IDEA THAT ACTUALLY WORKS Putter looks different for sure but once you get used to lining it up it rolls the ball better than any other putter I have played with and believe me I have gone through a ton. My only complaint is that there are very few other options in the putter market that are stroke balanced and roll it as good as this putter. Would like to see a backstryke option in some of the newer lines. March 9, 2013
Definite Upgrade! I first used this putter on a Christmas trip down in Florida. I found that I was able to roll far more putts close to the hole. (Had one really nice 15-20 footer from the fringe to the bottom of the cup!) The putter had a very nice feel, and only failed with user error. It was a BIG improvement from my old putter, which was more of a blade putter. Alignment was a TON easier. January 4, 2012
didnt like it at all sent it back difficult to hit straight December 29, 2011
one of a kind putter The backstryke two-ball has the best feel of any putter I've ever tried. I have tried dozens of putters, even other backstroke models, and nothing compares to this. I will never change putters again. December 18, 2014
Good Putter It takes a little time to get used to looking down at the ball when you are putting and seeing the putter shaft bend back to the aft edge of the putter head. I did paint a line in florescent pink using a combination square to ensure that the line is square to the face of the putter. This modification and the backstryke mounting make it easier to align the putt. I also draw a line on my golf balls so all you have to do is line up the ball towards your target and then line up the putter using the line on the ball in alignment with the line drawn on the putter head and the ball will go where you aim it. All you have to do is ensure that you have the right target but the ball does go where it is aimed. I would recommend this putter to anybody who has alignment issues. The shaft mounting makes the putter behave like a Centre-Shaft Mounted putter as opposed to a Heel Mounted putter. I have abandoned the Belly and Long 2 Ball Putters in favour of the Backstryke model. September 6, 2013
Great Putter for Easy Alignment This is my second Backstryke putter. I had the blade version but wanted more help with alignment. This putter is so easy to align and the backstryke design gets your hands ahead of the ball automatically. July 18, 2013
Great - Love it!!!! vastly improved my putting! March 27, 2012
Love it Great Putter. Looks a little odd took a little getting use to. Spot on. Needs a thicker grip or would have given it a 5 March 27, 2012
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