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Mens/Left • Average

SKU: yhf3851265

Club/Set: 6-PW,SW

Shaft Material: Graphite

Shaft Flex: Regular

Shaft Type: Callaway Razr XF Iron Mens Graphite

Lie Angle: Std (Black)

Length: Standard

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Product Overview

Accuracy Now Goes Farther Than Ever

RAZR XF is our most premium Iron set designed with the highest levels of forgiveness and appearance. Featuring a multi-material club construction and all the technology Callaway has to offer, these irons are the ultimate in playability, feel and presentation. The RAZR XF Set has created a new standard in Callaway Iron designs, and is the ideal choice for golfers seeking greater distance and accuracy along with super soft feel and impressive styling.

  • Multi-Material Construction: Forged 1025 Carbon Steel Body is perimeter weighted for a higher MOI and increased forgiveness, and provides a soft, responsive feedback at impact. The 455 Carpenter Steel Face is stronger than traditional stainless steel, generating faster ball speeds for added distance.  The Multi-Material Medallion is constructed of aluminum and injection-molded plastic to fine-tune sound and enhance feel off the clubface.
  • Aggressive VFT Technology: Precision shaping of the face thickness in each club increases the size of the sweet spot. This technology generates hotter ball speeds for longer distance.
  • Zero Roll/Inertia Driven Designs: Clubface with zero roll produces a higher launch angle on shots hit low on the face, increasing distance with softer landings. The increased head size and added offset makes this our most forgiving hybrid. These designs produce shots that fly higher, longer and straighter.
  • Black PVD Finish: Physical Vapor Deposition Finish comes from a high-tech process that produces a distinctive stealth look for reduced glare and a jewelry-like appearance.
  • Lightweight Shaft and Winn Grip: Featured on all irons.

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Mens RAZR XF Product Specs

Name Loft Availability Bounce Length Lie Graphite Swing Weight Steel Swing Weight
3 20° RH / LH 2.5° 39" 60.5° D0 D2
4 23° RH / LH 38.5" 59.25° D0 D2
5 25° RH / LH 38" 61.5° D0 D2
6 28° RH / LH 5.5° 37.5" 62° D0 D2
7 32° RH / LH 6.5° 37" 62.5° D0 D2
8 36° RH / LH 7.5° 36.5" 63° D0 D2
9 40° RH / LH 36" 64° D0 D2
PW 44° RH / LH 11° 35.5" 65° D1 D2
AW 49° RH / LH 12° 35.5" 65° D1 D2
SW 54° RH / LH 14° 35.25" 65° D2 D3

Callaway Razr XF Iron Graphite

Manufacturer Flex Shaft Weight Torque Kickpoint
Callaway Golf Light (A) 64.5-58.5 mid-low mid
Callaway Golf Regular 66-60 mid-low mid
Callaway Golf Stiff 68-62 low mid

TT GS 95 Steel

Manufacturer Flex Shaft Weight Torque Kickpoint
True Temper R300 96 low mid

Women's RAZR XF Product Specs

Name Loft Availability Bounce Length Lie Swing Weight
5 25° RH Only 37" 61.5° C3
6 28° RH Only 5.5° 36.5" 62° C3
7 32° RH Only 6.5° 36" 62.5° C3
8 36° RH Only 7.5° 35.5" 63° C3
9 40° RH Only 35" 64° C3
PW 44° RH Only 11° 34.5" 65° C4
AW 49° RH Only 12° 34.5" 65° C4
SW 54° RH Only 14° 34.25" 65° C5

Callaway Razr XF Iron W Graphite

Manufacturer Flex Shaft Weight Torque Kickpoint
Callaway Golf Women's 52-46 mid low
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