RAZR X Forged 5-PW Mens/Right Representative Photo

RAZR X Forged Irons

Mens/Right • Average

SKU: yhf4427664

Club/Set: 5-PW

Shaft Material: Graphite

Shaft Flex: XStiff

Shaft Type: Aldila NV Comp 85 Graphite

Lie Angle: 1 Up (Green)

Length: Standard

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Product Overview

Win with Power and Precision. Tighter Shots. Shorter Putts. Lower Scores.

What truly sets the RAZR X Forged Irons apart is the unique Triple Net Forging process. Not only does it yield superior feel and aesthetics, it allows for the high performance Tour CC Grooves that were used to win two majors in 2010. Constructed of 1020 carbon steel, these elite-level Callaway RAZR X irons provide superior feedback and have all the classic aesthetics highly skilled players demand for precise workability.

  • Tour CC Grooves: The highest performing grooves only achievable in forged clubs. By tightly spacing up to 30% more conforming grooves, the clubs generate increased spin for aggressive shot-making.
  • Forged 1020 Carbon Steel: Renown by better players for its feedback and feel, Callaway’s Triple Net Forging ensures tight tolerances which can’t be achieved with conventional methods.
  • New Tour-Inspired Head Shape: In addition to a thin topline, narrow sole and short blade length, the clubhead has a higher, squared-off toe and a sharper leading edge for precision and workability.
  • Set Options: Also available in standard RAZR X Forged Irons including long irons instead of hybrids.

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Mens RAZR X Forged Product Specs

Name Loft Availability Bounce Length Lie Swing Weight
2 18° RH / LH 39.5" 59.5° D2
3 21° RH / LH 39" 60° D2
4 24° RH / LH 38.5" 60.5° D2
5 27° RH / LH 38" 61° D2
6 31° RH / LH 37.5" 61.5° D2
7 35° RH / LH 37" 62° D2
8 39° RH / LH 36.5" 62.5° D2
9 43° RH / LH 36" 63° D2
PW 47° RH / LH 35.5" 63.5° D2
AW 51° RH / LH 12° 35.5" 64° D2
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