Odyssey Backstryke 2-Ball Putter

    Mens/Right • Good

    Head Type: Black Nickel

    Length: 35 in

    SKU: yhg3268177

    $87.99 $74.99

    Features & Benefits

    The Big Idea Is Back.

    It's time for a revolutionary putter that could improve your stroke. It's time for a putter that's so good your mind will always be at ease. It's time for a putter that will change the paradigm forever. Odyssey has always pursued innovation and exploration to make products that are game changers. We've put our philosophy to use with the 2-Ball design, our insert technology, and progressively shaped putters. We bring an independent and rebellious touch to design and a focus on the science behind putting to create cutting edge putters that help golfers sink more putts.

    Visible Face Alignment

    Makes sure you can sink the put by giving you a clear line of sight to see if the face is square to the hole. Lining up putts on the target line has never been easier than it is with this unprecedented visual aid.

    Forward Press Stabilization

    Promotes an upward stroke with a hands forward position and no de-lofting. The leading arm also stays straight and stable because of the shaft position, which means the wrists will be less likely to break down. The club imparts topspin faster because of the ascending stroke pattern, which leads to a truer roll. The hand position makes for a long, low follow-through to increase consistency.

    Stroke Balance

    The putter is balanced on the axis of the stroke for a stable, fluid path that is more accurate and consistent for the best distance control.