RAZR X Irons

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Features & Benefits

The Precision and Power to Win. Tighter Shots. Shorter Putts. Lower Scores.

The Callaway Razr X Irons aren't like other irons that enhance one benefit at the expense of other critical areas. RAZR technology delivers the forgiveness and distance of a wide sole iron without sacrificing turf interaction advantages and playability. These industry leading irons can make shots from all over the green.

  • RAZR Technology: A 12% lower, 15% deeper center of gravity provides the forgiving power of a wide sole without sacrificing turf interaction advantage and playability.
  • VFT® Power System: Precise engineering of each individual iron with an integrated clabface/undercut cavity system means a precisely positioned CG and maximum ball speed.
  • Customized Set Options: RAZR X Hybrids can increase distance and forgiveness for golfers who stubble with long irons.