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FT-9 I-MIX Drivers Club Heads


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Loft Head Color Crown Color Sole Color OptiFit Shaft Material Shaft Flex Shaft Type Length Outlet Like New Very Good Good Average
Draw $71.99 $61.99
Neutral $71.99 $61.99
10° Draw $74.99 $64.99
10° Neutral $74.99 $64.99
11° Draw $74.99 $64.99
11° Neutral $64.99
HT (13°) Draw $85.99 $74.99

Product Overview

The dynamic club adjustability system that started with the FT-i® and FT-5® Drivers is now available in the newest and best drivers with Fusion® Technology that Callaway Golf has to offer. I-MIX® Technology allows you to quickly and easily customize your driver by selecting FT-iQ™ or FT-9™ clubheads and from among dozens of the most sought-after shafts in the game.

Please note: I-MIX Wrench Is Not Included.

• The ultimate in interchangeability so golfers can select from 22 clubheads and more than 70 shafts for over 1600 combinations to find the ideal driver and meet the challenge of the day.

• Shafts are available from some of the best-known and most respected manufacturers in the industry today.

• Shafts and clubheads an be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled with the torque wrench.

• FT-i and FT-5 heads represent the finest in driver technology Callaway Golf has to offer for maximum distance and accuracy.

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Mens FT-9 I-MIX Clubhead Product Specs

Model Loft Availability Lie
10 10° RH / LH 58°
11 11° RH / LH 58°
13 HT 13° HT RH / LH 58°
9 RH / LH 58°
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FT-9 I-MIX Drivers Club Heads 4.6 5 124 124
Solid Perfomrer Really solid driver head. Not as long as the FT-iZ for me but a lot more consistent. I like the lower lie angle of this driver vs. the more upright lie angle of the Ft-iz. June 23, 2011
Great club This ft-9 is a club i have used for years. I bought the i-mix in order to change the shafts. The club is great for accuracy and good distance. But it is better to be in the fairway and 15 yards short than the other way around. I am a real 20 handicap. January 19, 2012
FT-9 IMIX DRIVER HEAD AWESOME! I hit this club better than any club I have. I can hit the draw high and tight. December 21, 2011
Good, but not best fit for me. I've been fitted for a Taylor R9, 9.5 w/ Diamana JavlnFX 70 XS because of my quick & not too smooth swing and only 102SS. Pro did not go with Blueboard because too harsh and best for high SS golfers. This is very smooth, straight, & about the same distance as previous drivers, but launch a little low. So I thought the FT9 10* w/ the new "Blueboard" KaiLi 70, S which is supposed to be smoother than the original Blueboard would be perfect. About same launch and 12-15 yds less. Not bad, but I'm disapppointed. Will give the FT-9 more work next spring. November 25, 2011
Overall--pretty much as expected. Nothing great, nothing bad. Pretty much what I expected. Only disappointment is that this club head was rated as Good and it came with a few deep scratches on the top of the head. This was disappointing. I think the club head was rated too high. August 10, 2014
Helped with the fade! I coupled this F-9 10 draw bias head to my Fubuki lite flex shaft and it was great! It cut down a lot on my fade and it is much more accurate and keeps it in the middle of the fairway! Going to match it up with a little more stiff flex and go for some more distance off the Tee I highly recommend thiese productsI Keep up the good work Callaway PreOwned ........ June 19, 2014
Increased distance & accuracy. In the fairway on every drive the first 18 holes played! Gets me within 100 yards of the green on each par 4 too. I got the 11* loft draw head. Great upgrade without spending $400. March 2, 2014
Great Improvement on my accuracy I traded in a 9* for an 11* before a trip to Disney where I played 4 times on their courses. Pre-trip practice definitely helped, but I do believe that the 2* in loft was a major contributor to me hitting at least 50% of the fairways each round (I used to be lucky to get 3/14 per round). My misses were straighter, and I did not lose that much distance, if any at all. I love the I-Mix. I have swapped out heads and shafts a few times for fractions of the cost of a whole driver. December 17, 2013
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