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Loft Head Color Crown Color Sole Color OptiFit Shaft Material Shaft Flex Shaft Type Length Outlet Like New Very Good Good Average
11.5° Graphite Ladies Fujikura Motore F8 Graphite Womens Standard $119.99 $104.99
11.5° Graphite Ladies Fujikura Motore F8 Graphite Womens + 2 in $149.99

Product Overview

Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medal 2012 Golf Digest Hot List: Editor's Choice
"My initial impression was that it didn't seem that much different. But then I hit it. Wow."
- Hot List Editor John Strege


Our first driver to feature adjustability with OptiFit Technology and Forged Composite. This performance leading driver features the Optifit Hosel, which allows face angle adjustments for better accuracy and improved trajectory, and the OptiFit Weights, which adjust to promote Neutral or Draw ball flight. Drive like never before with these customizable settings.

OptiFit Technology

OptiFit Weights (12 grams and 2 grams) can promote either Draw ball flight or Neutral ball flight by shifting the clubhead's center of gravity. The OptiFit Hosel improves trajectory and accuracy with an Open, Square, or closed adjustable face angle.

Forged Composite

Optimum center of gravity, high MOI. Crown made from 7 million turbostratic carbon fibers for precision thickness control. Made from material that is stronger and lighter than titanium.

Streamlined Surface Technology

Downswing with 14% less energy from drag compared to the RAZR Hawk Driver. Aerodynamic contours mean added distance from higher impact speeds.

Speed Frame Face Technology

VFT and Hyperbolic Face Technology combine for consistently long distance, high ball speeds, and a large sweet spot. Weight is saved and redistributed to the clubhead perimeter resulting in high MOI. Selective milling process chemically removes unnecessary material for precise control.

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Mens RAZR Fit Product Specs

Loft Lie Weight Configuration CC Face Angle Available In Length Swing Weight
8.5° 58.5° Adjustable 458 Adjustable RH / LH 45.5" D6
9.5° 58.5° Adjustable 458 Adjustable RH / LH 45.5" D6
10.5° 58.5° Adjustable 458 Adjustable RH / LH 45.5" D6
11.5° 58.5° Adjustable 458 Adjustable RH / LH 45.5" D6

Women's RAZR Fit Product Specs

Loft Lie Weight Configuration CC Face Angle Available In Length Swing Weight
11.5° 58.5° Draw 458 Adjustable RH / LH 44.5" C8
11.5° 58.5° Neutral 458 Adjustable RH / LH 44.5" C8
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Rated 4.8 out of 5 by 177 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Razr fit driver - Excellent My first Callaway driver. Got fitted by the Callaway product truck here in Michigan. These guys did a great job. Professional and helpful. Added 20 - 30 yards with the Razr Fit 10.5 loft and standard regular flex shaft. I'm using the neutral settings. I had been using a 12 loft senior flex driver that had too high a launch and too much spin. August 20, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by as always, but even better this driver gives you confidence the minute you stand over the tee. no need to adjust the club, higher handicaps may want to but the feel you get just addressing the ball inspires you to hit a great shot. miss hits are in or very close to fairway. shot 2 over today because i was in every fairway, (a first) 1st hole shot not great but in play, after that it was on. go buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! February 14, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Longer I got fitted and played the next day in 50 degree weather and was elated to see that I was hitting 1 and 2 clubs less on my approaches to the green. I found I was in places up the fairway that I hadn't been to before and was hitting over bunkers that had previously come into play. Thank-you Callaway! April 8, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by In a class of its own I want to write something for anyone reading this that isn't too technical but certainly gets the point across... This club should have its own rating system that goes up to 10 stars. It's truly like nothing else I've ever hit. Before I even changed anything on the club (weights and face), I hit it OOB on the range. My very first drive was 30 yards longer than my average drive. Thinking it was just a lucky first hit I continued on. One shot after the next, this club continued to amaze me. My shortest drive, which was a mishit, still reached my previous average drive distance. Then I started playing with the weights and face angle. Each adjustment made a distinct difference and it was very easy to change things around. Once I found my optimal setting, I was hitting between 30-40 yds longer on average. The ball literally jumps off the face of the club. Looks: The smaller head is nice. Doesn't look like you're swinging a shovel. The lack of a directional aide on top is nice, as sometimes those become more of a distraction. From underneath, it's truly something you want to show to your playing partners. A very unique design that performs. I personally love taking the head cover off before each drive. Feel: It feels as if you're swinging the head of the club, not a grip connected to a shaft that is connected to a head. After all, that's the part of the club that hits the ball and feeling connected to it is outstanding. It gives you significant confidence and workability. You can truly feel the head trying to move forward. Although I haven't had the chance to check swing speed, I'm sure it's increased 7-10 mph with this club. That's an insane increase. Ive sensed little to no vibration from this club on any hit, whether it's on the screws or way out on the toe. This is the first club in a long time that is truly worth the initial retail price and since deals now are around $250, you'd be doing yourself a serious disservice by not adding this club to your bag. August 4, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by a bomber have been a TM player for years. 12 hcp. 67 yrs old , 225 yds. w/driver. purchased the Razr Fit with 46.5 " shaft(my TM was 47") r flex. I am averaging 8 yds. more in distance and finding the fairway alot more . September 8, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by RUN! Don't walk to your local pro shop and hit this driver. I have used many drivers and I can tell you this. I love this driver. I love the sound, feel and distance this driver had given me. Added 10 to 15 yards on my drives. Callaway. You nailed it right on the head (no pun intended). I also love the shaft being a bit longer than the other drivers I"ve had. So, I didn't need to order one custom. Guys and Gals. I highly recommend this driver to all and any level players. July 29, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Driver Gained 20+ yards easy compaired to old driver. Shots are a lot more consistant and toe shots had almost as much distance. Couldn't be more happy. April 11, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Absolutely Incredible Once I upgraded to the diamana ahi 70 shaft, I no longer worry about anything off of the Tee. I can work the ball wherever I want it! Seriously! Its like I'm throwing darts into the fairway. I might frame this club when its life is over. Buy This Club. August 15, 2012
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