FT Optiforce 460 Driver 460cc 9.5°-12.5°(Adjustable) Mens/Right Representative Photo

FT Optiforce 460cc Drivers

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Mens/Right • Average

SKU: yhf4028782

Loft: 460cc 9.5°-12.5°(Adjustable)

Shaft Material: Graphite

Shaft Flex: 5.5 (Regular)

Shaft Type: Project X PXv 43G Graphite

Length: Standard

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Product Overview

Fast Is Longer Than Slow.

Designed with an aerodynamically enhanced head shape and an incredibly lightweight shaft to deliver faster clubhead speeds for superior ball speed and distance. The FT Optiforce Driver features an Advanced OptiFit Hosel that allows players to adjust the loft and the directional bias from Draw to Neutral for ultimate adjustability.

Two Head Shape Options
  • The FT Optiforce Driver is available in two different head shapes, 440cc and 460cc
  • The 460cc head has a starting loft of 10.5° and can be adjusted down to 9.5° and up to 12.5° in 1° increments while producing an easy launching, high trajectory with more forgiveness
  • The 440cc head is slightly smaller, has a starting loft of 9.5° and can be adjusted to as low as 8.5° and as high as 11.5° in 1° increments while producing a slightly lower, more boring trajectory
Speed Optimized Technology
  • A combination of an advanced aerodynamic head shape and lightweight Forged Composite delivers maximum clubhead speed for superior ball speed and distance
  • 43-gram PX Velocity shaft helps to generate faster clubhead speeds
  • 23% less drag*
  • Mitsubishi Diamana S+ shaft available as a secondary stock offering
Advanced OptiFit® Technology
  • Advanced OptiFit Hosel allows you to increase or decrease loft for optimum trajectory
  • Directional bias can be adjusted to Draw or Neutral to optimize shot shape
Speed Frame™ Face Technology
  • A combination of VFT® and Hyperbolic Face™ Technology creates a larger sweet spot and increases ball speeds across the titanium face for longer, more consistent distance
  • Saves weight that can be redistributed to the clubhead to help optimize the CG position and create a higher MOI
  • Chemical milling process selectively removes excess material for precision thickness control
Sub 300g Construction
  • Lower club weight promotes faster clubhead speed and superior ball speed and distance

*23% less drag claim based on calculated energy loss due to drag throughout the downswing of 440 model 9.5* vs X Hot Pro 9.5*

Loft 9.5° 10.5° LH 9.5° LH 10.5°
Face Angle Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Lie Angle Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Length 46" 46" 46" 46"
Head Volume 440cc 460cc 440cc 460cc
Headweight 195.9g 192g 195.9g 192g
Total Club Weight (estimated in grams)
Light 294 291 294 291
Regular 294 291 294 291
Stiff 294 291 294 291
Swing Weight
Light D2 D0 D2 D0
Regular D2 D0 D2 D0
Stiff D2 D0 D2 D0


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