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Loft Head Color Crown Color Sole Color OptiFit Shaft Material Shaft Flex Shaft Type Length Outlet Like New Very Good Good Average
8.5° Graphite XStiff Mitsubishi Diamana (White) 83 Graphite Standard $113.99
9.5° Graphite Stiff Fujikura Motore F1 Graphite Standard $119.99
9.5° Graphite Stiff Aldila Green NV 65 Graphite Standard $75.99
9.5° Graphite Stiff Aldila Green NV 85 Graphite Standard $75.99
9.5° Graphite Stiff Aldila RIPD NV 60 Graphite Standard $75.99
9.5° Graphite Stiff Aldila VooDoo VS6 Graphite Standard
9.5° Graphite XStiff Aldila VooDoo VS6 Graphite Standard
10.5° Graphite Stiff Aldila VooDoo VS6 Graphite Standard
10.5° Graphite Stiff True Temper Project X Graphite Standard $125.99
10.5° Graphite Stiff Fujikura Motore F1 Graphite Standard $119.99
10.5° Graphite Stiff Fujikura Speeder 757 Graphite Standard $125.99

Product Overview

To meet the demands of golf’s most accomplished players, Callaway engineers incorporated our best technologies into a conventionally shaped, high performance driver. Now you can play what the pros tee up on Tour.

  • Higher Ball Speeds for Longer Distance: Chemically Milled Hyperbolic Face Technology™ creates Callaway’s highest ever ball speeds across the entire face. Precision shaping dramatically enlarges the sweet spot so off-center hits fly longer and farther.
  • Confidence-Inspiring Tour Looks: The 440cc head incorporates a deep face with a smaller footprint. Combined with a full length tour hosel, an open face angle and less face progression, the driver has the look at address preferred by highly skilled players.
  • Powerful Trajectories: External Web Weighting helps precisely position the center of gravity (CG) to generate long, penetrating ball flights.
  • Accuracy, Workability and Feel: Fusion® Technology combines a carbon composite body with a titanium face cup to maximize perimeter weighting, producing a high MOI with an optimized CG for incredible performance and feel.

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Learn about our condition ratings and what to expect when you purchase a certified club from Callaway Pre-Owned.

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12 Month Warranty

Only Certified Pre-Owned clubs come with the same 1-year limited warranty against defects you get with any new Callaway Golf club purchase.

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We offer the ability to purchase any club today, and then try it in real-world conditions for up to 90 days.

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Mens FT Tour Driver Product Specs

Loft Lie CC Face Angle Offset Available In Length Swing Weight
8.5° 56.5° 440 Open 0 RH / LH 45" D3
9.5° 56.5° 440 Open 0 RH / LH 45" D3
10.5° 56.5° 440 Open 0 RH / LH 45" D3
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FT Tour Drivers 4.7 5 103 103
Guided Missile In short, this is the best driver I've ever used. The shaft and head combination is amazing. Shots go exactly where you tell them to go. High draw, no problem; low stinger, you got it; oops I didn't mean to hit a fade into that lake, too bad. Not the most forgiving as far as direction but the hyberbolic cup face keeps the distance penalty to a surprising minimum. This is great for those who can control their shots but could spell trouble for those who can't (errant shots go further into trouble). Feedback is very good. I know where I made contact thanks to feedback from the grip and a muted sound thanks to the carbon fiber body. Very soft feeling for a driver. Pured shots almost feel forged. Good flight. If you tend to hit high, this club will lower your ball flight. The ball will just cut through the wind. Again, awesome club but definitely for better players. March 13, 2010
Tried and true I have been playing with driver for the past year. I've made great progress improving my distance and accuracy. The club recently suffered stone damage from the local range that I won't be attending anymore. So I jumped on another great deal, and got the same club with an upgraded shaft. I'm playing even longer and straighter. Even test driving the latest Big Bertha clubs didn't touch my FT. July 21, 2014
driver was a good fit Tried driver from a friend and hit it well. Went home pull up web site and found driver. Could not believe price, went ahead and bought it. Figured for $39 how could I go wrong, plus it came with a brand new headcover worth 14.95. April 17, 2014
Great Driver at a great price Have used FTiz woods for 2 years and like them, several of my playing partners are also users. The product was of excellent quality despite being a second user club and at a fantastic price April 14, 2014
The shaft is not perfectly fitted . Sound likes cracking at impact. Defects in shaft fitting. Club head cracking. Money not worth spent. February 28, 2014
excellent performances even if I am a high HP golfer I have given one of mine to my daugther and she is completely OK November 13, 2013
Looks great and feels great Don't change a Thing keep up the awesome service and great products. July 10, 2013
Simply Superb - an absolutely unbeatable deal I couldn't be more pleased with the outlet condition FT Tour driver. It's a more traditional compact shape, and as straight as a die. When I set up for it, I find I can work the ball, draw or fade, in the way we used to do it with persimmon small-headed clubs. It is also very forgiving of off center shots, the only penalty being a little loss of distance (as it should be if you don't hit it out of the middle). The shaft is a stiff Voodoo SVS6, and feels great. The ball leaves the club face with a satisfying thud, and doesn't sound loud and bell-like as some of the huge soup plates heads we see in 2013 models of drivers in all top brands. Good golfing June 30, 2013
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