What Manufacturer clubs do you refurb, change length and change lie to?
Callaway only. We are unable to change the original standard specifications to other brands.

What services do you offer for non-Callaway clubs?
We can re-grip and add tape wraps to non-Callaway clubs that you wish to send in as well as our Callaway Golf Pre-Owned and Proline Pre-Owned inventory.

Can you put on the exact grip I had on my club(s) prior to the length/re-grip adjustments?
We are un-able to save the grip(s) you had on your clubs. Your clubs will be re-gripped using the free rubber Callaway grip or you can choose one of many grips in our inventory that you can see on our Grip Selector.

What are the standard turn around times for all customizations and refurbishment servces?
Orders will ship in 2-5 business days from the time the order is processed. That same turn around time starts when clubs are received for consumers sending their clubs to us.

Are you able to work on dents on heads or rattles (loose epoxy) in heads?
No. Our services do not include installing/un-installing shafts so we can't work on rattles. We do not have tools to take dents out of heads.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. The standard shipping charges apply so please check to see what FedEx International Zone you are in.

Are discounts given for sending in more than one club?
Within iron sets, as more clubs are sent in the price per club decreases.

Do you change lofts of irons or work on any putters?
We do not have the machinery to do this work.

What Callaway clubs are you not able to work on?
No Chrome or Forged irons or wedges with an exception on Vintage wedges.
WOODS: All 2008 models and the following models: FT-I, FT-5, FT-hybrid, FT-3, ERC Fusion, C-4

Can you refurbish the metal irons that I want to purchase from your current inventory?
As long as they are Callaway club that are not apart of the clubs we can't work on, we are able to work on your clubs. We don't guarantee that the club will go to a certain condition (I.E. Like New). We will change the clubs appearance so it is in better shape than where it started.

Do you refurbish shafts, re-shaft or work on ferrules?
Shafts and ferrules cannot be refurbished/changed from their current status. We do not stock shafts so we are unable to re-shaft clubs.

When sending in clubs for refurbishment/customizations, should I keep or send in my head covers?
Please keep all head covers. If head covers are sent in, you run the risk of Callaway Golf misplacing them.

If I return clubs that have been customized/refurbished, how does the Buy Back and Return Policy work?
The Buy Back and Return policies will only include clubs purchased line items…not grips bought/installed, length/lie adjustments, wrap additions, refurb service fees or any services.