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Mack Daddy 2 Chrome (Heavy) Wedges - View 1
Mack Daddy 2 Chrome (Heavy) Wedges - View 2
Mack Daddy 2 Chrome (Heavy) Wedges - View 3
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Mack Daddy 2 Chrome (Heavy) Wedges

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Please note: These are Tour Van custom wedges with the "H" stamp on the hosel. "H" stamped wedges will have a heavier swing-weight that allows for a better "feel" for the clubhead during the swing.
Mack Daddy 2 Chrome Wedges combine Tour feedback and feel with aggressive grooves in an unparalleled scoring club.

    Temporarily unavailable.


    Features & Benefits

    Tour Tested Design with more spin and versatility from everywhere.

    5V Groove Pattern

    39% larger grooves provide 25% more spin out of the rough.

    Laser Milled Micro Groove Pattern

    Increased surface roughness for more spin and control. Pre conditions the face to add surface roughness after the micro grooves wear off.

    Tour-Inspired Shape

    Inspired by feedback from Tour, Roger Cleveland has designed a wedge with all the attributes preferred by Tour Players. Forged from 1020 carbon steel for soft feel.

    Custom Sole Grinds

    C – Grind: Relief is ground out of the heel and toe, which enables golfers to lay the face open while effectively reducing the bounce angle. This allows for proper contact and maximum spin and control. This is our most versatile grind in the bunch.

    U – Grind: Inspired by Phil Mickelson this grind increases the dynamic bounce angle (actual bounce of the club when the ball is struck) without increasing the static bounce angle. Perfect for steeper swings or softer conditions.

    S (standard) – Grind: The standard grind is relieved in the heel and designed to play shots with a square face.

    Finish Options

    Chrome produces a smoky, muted look that helps reduce glare. Slate finish oxidizes over time for a distinctive look.

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