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Portland H3 Putter

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Length: 35 in


    Temporarily unavailable.


    Features & Benefits

    This Toulon Portland is a beautifully designed mid-sized mallet and a crank neck H3 hosel with toe hang for players who like to feel the face of their putter rotate more in their stroke.


    A beautifully designed mid-sized mallet. Portland comes with two hosel options: H3 – a crank hosel, and H4 – a short slant hosel, providing different looks and different amounts of toe hang.

    Milled from 303 Stainless Steel for Soft Feel

    Every head is milled from a solid block of soft 303 stainless steel. Every curve, radius and line is painstakingly rendered. The face alone takes 40 minutes to mill.

    Deep Diamond Mill Face Pattern for Great Sound, Feel and Roll

    The “contact patch” at the center of the face incorporates crosshatch grooves that form a pattern on the face that strategically channels vibration to promote a uniquely satisfying sound and feel.

    Interchangeable Sole Plates to Increase/Reduce Head Weight

    Easily increase or reduce head weight by installing the aluminum sole plate (total head weight 350g), stainless steel sole plate (363g), or tungsten sole plate (383g).

    Choice of Two Counterbalance Weights

    SuperStroke offers the option of installing a 25g or 50g counterbalance plug into the butt-end of the grip. Configuring the sole plate/counterbalance in different weight combinations create a variety of ways to customize the putter’s feel and fit it to your style of release, whether moderate or aggressive.

    CounterBalanced Options
  • AR - Aggressive Release Series
  • AR Series putters feature our 40 gram tungsten sole plate, and our Toulon Design 14” SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 XL grip with a 50 gram butt end weight. Toulon Design AR Series putters help the golfer mimic the release point produced by a long or belly putter.

    How It Works: Grip down approximately three inches from the butt end of the grip. During the stroke, the 50 gram butt end weight will slow down the top section of the putter, allowing the head to more aggressively pass the hands for a pronounced release of the head. The Toulon Design AR Series is available in all five models, and in a stock 38” length.

  • MR - Moderate Release Series
  • MR Series putters feature our 20 gram stainless steel sole plate and a Toulon Design SuperStroke Pistol Tour or Mid Slim 2.0 grip with a 25 gram butt end weight. Toulon Design MR Series putters help the golfer generate a slightly more pronounced release of the putter head, while maintaining a more traditional stroke and grip length.

    How It Works: Grip the putter as you normally would. During the stroke, the 25 gram butt end weight slightly slows down the top section of the putter, allowing the head to smoothly pass the hands for a smoother release of the putter. Because the MR Series utilizes standard lengths (33”- 36”) players will find this series very easy to adjust to.

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