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Titleist Forged 735-CM Irons

The Forged 735CM irons feature a blended design for the skilled player seeking the ideal combination of shot control maneuverability and playability.

    Temporarily unavailable.

    Features & Benefits


    • A seamlessly blended, 410 mild carbon steel forged set providing optimal performance from long irons to wedge
    • Progressive blade heights, blade lengths, offset, topline, center of gravity and moment of inertia allow each club to perform at the highest levels
    • Cavity back 2, 3 and 4 irons produce easy-up launch conditions for a high, penetrating ball flight with greater playability and forgiveness
    • Shallow cavity mid irons deliver the ideal blend of maneuverability and playability required to access tough pin locations
    • Muscle back short irons offer skilled players precise trajectory, spin and shot control into and around the greens
    • A modified bore-thru design removes mass from the hosel and repositions it directly behind the hitting area for consistent launch conditions