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Mizuno MP-T4 White Satin Wedges

Mizuno MP-T4 White Satin Wedges - Versatile High Spin Wedge for Maximum Control and Ball Stopping Power

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    Features & Benefits

    The Mizuno MP-T4 White Satin Wedge is a versatile high spin wedge for maximum control and ball stopping power.

    • Quad Cut Grooves, a CNC Milled face, and DG Spinner shaft to deliver maximum spin and ball-stopping power.
    • Strategically Engineered Sole Geometry to provide more toe and heel relief for maximum shot making versatility.
    • Patented Grain Flow Forged® 1025E “Pure Select” mild carbon steel for superior soft, solid, and consistent feel.
    • Tour Proven Teardrop head shape.
    • Exotic White Satin Chrome finish.