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Cobra KING Pro CB Chrome Irons

SKU: cobra-king-pro-cb-chrome-irons-2016

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    Individual Irons

    Features & Benefits

    Cavity-back design in the longer irons increases forgiveness, while muscle-back design in the shorter irons affords greater precision and workability on approach, optimizing performance throughout the set. Tungsten is strategically placed in the toe, moving CG to the center for better shot-making, and the forged head provides that soft yet solid feel on impact.

    • Cavity-back design in the longer (3, 4, 5, 6) irons increases forgiveness
    • Muscle-back design in the shorter (7, 8, 9, PW) irons boosts precision and workability
    • Combo optimizes performance throughout the set and eases the transition
    • Strategically placed tungsten moves CG to the center of the face for better shot-making
    • 1025 carbon steel head is forged five times to get that soft yet solid feel on every shot
    • CNC milled face and wedge-style grooves deliver maximum spin and more consistent trajectories
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