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Tilteist Vokey SM4 Tour Chrome Wedges (2012)

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Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel Wedge Flex, Loft: 58°-06° (Bounce)

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    Features & Benefits

    Precise shots require precision technology, and the technologically advanced fourth generation Titleist Vokey Design® Spin Milled™ (SM4) wedges from master craftsman Bob Vokey define the standard for wedge performance.

    The new Titleist Vokey SM4 Spin Milled wedges are designed to improve upon the ever popular Vokey spin milled wedges of the past. The new Vokey SM4 wedges feature more grooves and sharper grooves for improved spin and control around the greens. They are designed with machined milled grooves and hand grind soles for optimal performance from all lies.

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