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Mizuno T7 Blue Ion Wedges

SKU: mizuno-t7-blue-ion-wedges

Why Buy?

    Features & Benefits

    Boron finally meets wedge with the Mizuno T7. Using 1025 Boron extends groove life without sacrificing that soft, solid, consistent feel produced by the Grain Flow Forging process. New Quad Cut Grooves feature sharper, more precise cuts and optimized geometry, further enhancing spin control, while loft-specific grinds and shaping take progressive performance to another level.

    • 1025 Boron extends groove life for longer-lasting spin control
    • Grain Flow Forging provides soft, solid, consistent feel
    • New Quad Cut Grooves use sharper, more precise cuts and optimized geometry to further enhance spin control
    • Loft-specific sole grinds get more aggressive as loft and bounce decrease for improved turf interaction
    • Loft-specific head shapes deliver that confidence-inspiring look for each specific wedge

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