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Mitsubishi Fubuki Alpha 50 OptiFit Shafts

SKU: shafts-optifit-2-mitsubishi-fubuki-alpha-50

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    I-MIX Shafts

    Features & Benefits

    Please note: Wrench tool is not included with purchase.
    Mitsubishi Rayon introduces Fubuki Alpha, the next generation in the Fubuki Series. The Fubuki Alpha series delivers smooth acceleration, increased stability at impact and slightly lower launch and spin than the original Fubuki Tour profile.

    Note: This shaft will fit the clubs listed below:

    • FT Optiforce Driver
    • 2014 Big Bertha Driver
    • Big Bertha Alpha Driver
    • X2 Hot Driver
    • X2 Hot Pro Driver
    • XR Driver
    • XR Pro Driver
    • Big Bertha V Series
    • Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver
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