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Mitsubishi Diamana Kaili 70 Optifit 2 Shaft


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Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana Kaili 70 Graphite, Length: 45 in (installed)

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    Club No Club Head
    Shaft Flex XStiff
    Shaft Material Graphite
    Shaft Type Mitsubishi Diamana Kaili 70 Graphite
    Length 45 in (installed)
    No Club Head XStiff Graphite Mitsubishi Diamana Kaili 70 Graphite 45 in (installed) Outlet
    Outlet: $152.99
    Like New Very Good Good Average

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    Features & Benefits

    Please note: Wrench tool is not included with purchase.
    For the player who wants the smooth and stable bend profile associated with Diamana™ S-Series, but can benefit from a more stable tip-section and lighter weight. The Diamana™ Kai'li™ incorporates Multi-Dimensional Interlay (MDI) Technology into the original Diamana™ S-Series smooth bend profile with a slightly stiffer tip and butt section design. The result is a lower torque shaft that provides the same versatility as the original profile, while delivering more stability and control, with slightly lower launch and spin.

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