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    Mitsubishi Diamana Ilima 60 OptiFit Shafts

    SKU: shafts-optifit-2-mitsubishi-diamana-ilima-60

    Why Buy?
      I-MIX Shafts

      Features & Benefits

      Shaft tool is not included. For the player who desires an active bend profile, that delivers high launch, less spin and a penetrating ball flight. Diamana™ ‘ilima™ incorporates Multi-Dimensional Interlay (MDI) Technology into a new bend profile for the Diamana™ M-Series. It is lighter weight than the original M-Series and features an active, low-torque tip section, with a stiff mid-section and moderate butt section. The result is a shaft that dynamically promotes energy transfer throughout the swing, while delivering a penetrating ball flight with low spin.

      Note: This shaft will fit the clubs listed below:

      • FT Optiforce Driver
      • 2014 Big Bertha Driver
      • Big Bertha Alpha Driver
      • X2 Hot Driver
      • X2 Hot Pro Driver
      • XR Driver
      • XR Pro Driver
      • Big Bertha V Series
      • Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver
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