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Matrix OZIK 55x4 White Tie OptiFit Shafts

SKU: shafts-optifit-2-matrix-ozik-55x4-white-tie

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    I-MIX Shafts

    Features & Benefits

    Please note: Wrench not included with purchase
    Next Generation White Tie features a progressively linear graduation at impact, making it more efficient in energy, travel and transfer, resulting in higher ball speed. Provides increased stability and a tighter feel throughout the shaft without increasing weight. High launch, low spin design.

    Note: This shaft will fit the clubs listed below:

    • FT Optiforce Driver
    • 2014 Big Bertha Driver
    • Big Bertha Alpha Driver
    • X2 Hot Driver
    • X2 Hot Pro Driver
    • XR Driver
    • XR Pro Driver
    • Big Bertha V Series Driver
    • Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver

    Customize your club with the best shaft to fit your swing. Upgrading your driver or fairway wood shaft will allow you to fully customize your club to improve ball flight for maximum performance and distance. If you have any questions, contact our Sales team at 1-800-826-6174 for assistance.

    Customize Matrix OZIK 55x4 White Tie OptiFit Shafts