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2019 Epic Forged Star Mens Gap Wedge Mens/Right - View 1 2019 Epic Forged Star Mens Gap Wedge Mens/Right - View 2 2019 Epic Forged Star Mens Gap Wedge Mens/Right - View 3 2019 Epic Forged Star Mens Gap Wedge Mens/Right - View 4

2019 Epic Forged Star Mens Gap Wedge Mens/Right

Mens/Right • Good

Club: Gap Wedge

Loft: 49°

Shaft Material: Graphite

Details: | Shaft Type: Attas Speed Series | Flex: Womens | Lie_Angle: 1 Up (Green) | Length: - 1 in | Shaft Origin: Factory Installed - Stock | Mens head women's shaft

SKU: 7041941

Save 45%

$208.99 $114.94

Why Buy?

Epic Forged Star Irons are designed to deliver maximum distance through the optimal combination of speed, spin, ball flight and ultra-lightweight components.


    Technology Specs

    Epic Forged Star Irons Technology Item
    • Ultra-Premium Forged Design For Pure Sound & Feel

      A stunningly beautiful design, from the Infinite Black finish to the precise shaping. Every surface and detail was carefully considered and created through precision engineering and meticulous craftsmanship.

    • Suspended Tungsten Core for Controlled Launch & Long Distance

      For the first time, Suspended Tungsten Core technology is in a forged iron. A MIM’ed tungsten weight is suspended in a new, polyurethane cartridge wrapped with Urethane Microspheres, promoting a controlled launch and long, consistent distance.

    • High-COR Faces with 360 Face Cup Technology For Fast Ball Speed

      Our renowned 360 Face Cup employs a shallow, flexible rim around the perimeter of the face that flexes and releases at impact to promote fast ball speed for long, consistent distance on center hits and off-center hits.

    • Lofts and CG Locations Aligned For Distance-enhancing Launch Conditions

      Powerful lofts work in conjunction optimized CG locations to promote maximum distance-enhancing launch conditions throughout the bag. Women’s set features optimized lofts for slower swing speeds.

    • Spin Control VFT For Consistent Distance

      To provide spin and control in the mid and long irons, we’ve implemented a new VFT pattern, which promotes both optimum and consistent ball speeds and spin-rates.

    • Incredibly Lightweight Star Package For Maximum Swing Speed and Ball Speed

      A lighter head, ultra-premium UST ATTAS Speed 40g/50g class shafts and 43g Golf Pride J200 grip combine to promote fast swing speed for total distance.

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