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Lamkin N-Dur 3Gen Grips

The Lamkin N-DUR 3GEN is a brand-new functional and innovative proprietary synthetic rubber compound that can help golfers improve control of their swings.

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    Features & Benefits

    The N-DUR with 3GEN is Lamkin's latest premium grip for all woods and irons that combines a revolutionary new material, distinctive surface pattern and tapered design. All three of these aspects blend to allow the golfer to apply very light grip pressure and gain more control of the club throughout the golf swing. This isn't marketing hype but rather a huge advancement in grip technology. Lamkin's new proprietary 3GEN material is a very unique synthetic rubber compound that is both soft and tacky, providing unmatched "single-strike" vibration-dampening properties that protects a golfer's hands and arm joints from jarring shockwaves. The material maintains a high level of tackiness and can be easily wiped for a fresh feel and excellent traction. 3GEN is a form of synthetic rubber that has very low torque and is similar to that of a traditional rubber grip and will not feel as if it is sliding around the shaft at impact. That firmness lasts throughout the life of the grip. 3GEN also features a vastly improved resistance to environmental aging and weathering factors. The material will not absorb any moisture and its tackiness is activated by toweling off the grip or using a light abrasive brush. The surface pattern design is also functionally innovative, helping alleviate hand tension from the swing so that golfers can play better. The back or underside colored panel bears a series of hexagonal patterns. Within each hexagon is a small indented cylinder. Near the butt end of the grip, those indented cylinders are much more pronounced than towards the bottom to provide more feel and help secure the golfer's top three fingers of the underside hand. Meanwhile, the smoother front-side panel surface pattern feels distinctively comfortable. This design helps players to get the grip in their fingers where it is supposed to be and ease their hand pressure, tension, getting them maximum traction and control throughout the swing without having to squeeze the grip. Working in conjunction with one another, the dual panels also protect hands from slipping, allowing the golfer to achieve higher swing speeds while maintaining control.