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8.5° Graphite Stiff Graphite Design YS-6 Standard $18.99
9.5° Graphite Regular Titleist 4560 Graphite Standard $19.99
9.5° Graphite Stiff Graphite Design YS-6 Standard $19.99

Product Overview

Titleist 983K is a 365cc head that offers morestability than the 983E at impact. The 983K has a bore-through shaft and hosel configuration to offer more less twisting at impact. The internal weight of the Titleist 983K combined with a deep center of gravity help elevate the trajectory to mid to high launch angle.

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Titleist 983K Drivers 4.2 5 14 14
great driver as usual the product arrived in very good shape.T he wear was normal and I am well pleased with a fine product from calloway pre-owned,,,Thanl YOU !!! December 20, 2014
One great driver!!! This is the best driver I have ever hit. Long straight and forgiving. December 5, 2014
love it I liked the club so much that I purchased a 7 Wood to go along with it. I was totally amased by the quality of the product. Kudo's to you guys, job well done. I wish that I had found out about your service sooner. July 14, 2014
It added 50 yards to my drive! Only kidding about adding 50 yards. I've used all the big name and big head drivers with not much luck at consistency. Fixing my swing added the distance (15 yds) not the club. The 983K is a smaller head and I'm able to square the club at impact 95% of the time and KEEP THE BALL in play. Fixing my swing, going to a 9.5 loft to keep the ball lower, and keeping the ball in play has helped my short game as well. I've gone from a 14 to a 9 handicap with this driver. I would recommend to everyone who is having trouble keeping their drives in the fairway. March 10, 2012
Small Driver Plays Big Great driver especially for those looking for a smaller head. Shaft selection is important; remember that this is a bore-through shaft so any shaft will play stiffer (almost a whole flex) than it would in another club. Only negative is that it is draw-biased (or anti-right) which means that if you tend to hook the ball this may be not for you or at least consider getting a shaft that is low-torque. Still one of the best heads out there IMO. February 22, 2012
Smaller is better? The 983k is a classic. It is "only" 365cc but it looks larger. The GD ys-6+ shaft is responsive especially if you are a "smooth" swinger and don't load the shart hard. Important to note that the 983k has a bore-through so it plays (roughly) 1/2 flex stiffer than the shaft flex. If you load the shaft hard or have a high swing speed you may want to look into the Speeder or Prolite. I play the Prolite in a 983e and the Speeder 757 in a 905T and I think they have a more responsive feeling but this again is more an issue of swing type. Overall I find it is easier to square the face on smaller head drivers and not many drivers have as responsive feel. If you want a little more foregiveness look into the 905 or later models. February 4, 2012
much better than my old warbird big improvement from my warbird that came out around 95. I have the 8.5 degree. Comes off a little low and my shaft is a little stiff/heavy (adila 75), but I can work the ball once i keep improving. Grips was like new and club was in better than average condition that it was rated at. October 6, 2011
Everything Sweet After purchase I took this one straight to the range and found myself hitting left right and centre at first but then gradually started to get those repeat shots right down the centre. First game, not one missed T shot. Has a beautiful soft feel at the strike, giving full confidence that you have hit this well. Maybe it's no longer than my previous driver but sure is a nice example of a well made driver for a golfer of my standing. If you are happy to play straight drives, I would recommend this one. September 27, 2011
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