Cobra S3 Irons

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    Mens/Right • Very Good

    Club: Gap Wedge

    Loft: 49°

    Shaft Material: Steel

    Shaft Flex: Regular

    Shaft Type: Nippon NS Pro 1030H Steel

    Lie Angle: Standard

    Length: Standard

    SKU: yhv3952264

    $24.99 $21.24

    Features & Benefits

    Cobra S3 Irons use E9 Face Technology; an advanced system that creates a larger Sweet Zone™ for increased distance and accuracy. Cobra has also introduced a new shape and design to the cavity back iron - Progressive Cavity Design. The new back-cavity shape and optimized face thickness progress from elliptical on your long-irons to circular on your short-irons. This design element works to optimize distance and feel based on typical golfer impact patterns. The Cobra S3 Irons also incorporate:

    Special High-strength Composition

    A high-strength steel and alloy composition in the long- and mid-irons allows for a thinner, hotter face for increased COR and ball speed.

    Multi-material Construction

    New hidden internal polymer topline and full cavity TPU (thermoplastic urethane) combine to optimize weight distribution and dampen vibration for superior feel and distance.

    Stepped Crescent Sole Design

    A versatile mid-width sole narrows in the toe and heel to provide superior turf interaction to promote more consistent distance and accuracy.