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Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl Irons

    Mens/Right • Very Good

    Club: 7 Iron

    Shaft Material: Steel

    Shaft Flex: Stiff

    Shaft Type: Cleveland Traction 85 Steel

    Lie Angle: Standard

    Length: Standard

    SKU: yhv3432971

    $29.99 $28.99
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    Features & Benefits

    The Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl Irons are designed with a lighter overall club weight and longer club length for maximum distance. The large cavity back, with its full undercut, stretches the center of gravity low and deep to optimize launch angle and significantly improve forgiveness. The large, thin face allows for increased COR and maximum ball speed that will produce distance that competes with any iron set in the market – but with increased control. And the sleek-looking Black Pearl finish reduces glare at address.