RAZR X Black 4-PW Mens/LEFT Representative Photo

RAZR X Black Irons

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Mens/Left • Like New

SKU: yhk3637507

Club/Set: 4-PW

Shaft Material: Steel

Shaft Flex: Uniflex

Shaft Type: True Temper M10 XP Steel

Lie Angle: Std (Black)

Length: Standard

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Product Overview

Callaway RAZR X Black irons are designed for the best precision and distance anywhere on the course. The set is optimized for distance, which means a consistent shot and better accuracy. It's coupled with a Black PVD Finish that makes glare a non-issue.

RAZR Technology
RAZR Technology redistributes the back cavity weight for a lower and deeper center of gravity, which allows for the power and forgiveness expected in a wide-sole iron along with the playability and precision of a thin-soled iron.

VFT Power System
Callaway engineers put the CG in the exact right spot by using the fully integrated clubface/undercut cavity system. They also maximize ball speed by engineering the face of every individual iron. A confident address is made possible because of a longer hosel.

Multi-Material Medallion

Gives a fine-tuned sound and better feel from the clubface as a result of the aluminum and thermoplastic polyurethane.

Black PVD Finish
Get a distinctive look and reduced glare with the high-tech Physical Vapor Deposition Finish.


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Mens RAZR X Black Product Specs

Name Loft Availability Bounce Length Lie Swing Weight Graphite Swing Weight Steel Swing Weight
3 19° RH Only 0.5° 39" 60.5° D0 D2
4 22° RH / LH 38.5" 61° D0 D2
5 25° RH / LH 1.5° 38" 61.5° D0 D2
6 28° RH / LH 37.5" 62° D0 D2
7 31° RH / LH 2.5° 37" 62.5° D0 D2
8 35° RH / LH 36.5" 63° D0 D2
9 39° RH / LH 36" 64° D0 D2
PW 44° RH / LH 35.5" 65° D1 D2
AW 49° RH / LH 35.5" 65° D1 D2
SW 54° RH / LH 11° 35.25" 65° D3 D4
LW 59° RH Only 35" 65° D3 D4

Women's RAZR X Black Product Specs

Name Loft Availability Bounce Length Lie Swing Weight Graphite Swing Weight Steel Swing Weight
4 22° RH / LH 38" 61° C6
5 25° RH / LH 1.5° 37.5" 61.5° C6
6 28° RH / LH 1.5° 37" 62° C6
7 31° RH / LH 2.5° 36.5" 62.5° C6
8 35° RH / LH 36" 63° C6
9 39° RH / LH 35.5" 64° C6
PW 44° RH / LH 35" 65° C7
AW 49° RH / LH 35" 65° C7
SW 54° RH / LH 11° 34.75" 65° C9
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