Big Bertha Irons (2008)

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    The Big Bertha 28 Irons take forgiveness to new heights by integrating a set of clubs featuring the new i-brids™, clubs designed to replace hard-to-hit long irons. The i-brids combine the accuracy & control of irons with the forgiveness & versatility of a hybrid & are the most highly playable hybrid-like irons Callaway Golf could make.

    In the women's model the 4 through 7 Callaway Big Bertha irons are always going to be the i-brid version while the 8 thru lob wedge will be the traditional.

    On the men's model the 3 through 5 Callaway Big Bertha iron comes in both i-brid and traditional. Please look for the 'i' designation when making your selection.