FT-i Tour LCG I-MIX Driver Clubheads

    Mens/Right • Very Good

    Loft: 9.5°

    OptiFit: Neutral

    SKU: yhv2822101

    $59.99 $51.99
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    Features & Benefits

    The 460cc FT-i Driver pushes the boundaries of shape, of our imagination, of the rules. By positioning weight to the extreme corners of the clubhead, the FT-i Driver produces the highest Moment of Inertia of any driver on the market today for unparalleled forgiveness. Tour models are designated by a half-degree loft and have a face that is slightly open, providing skilled golfers a pleasing look at address and increased workability. Now, through I-MIX Technology, you can optimize your FT-i Tour Driver to meet any conditions. From course conditions to a player’s preferred strategy, I-MIX Technology gives you the same level of choice as our Tour Pros.

    Please note: I-MIX Wrench Is Not Included.

    • The ultimate in interchangeability so golfers can select from 22 clubheads and more than 70 shafts for over 1600 combinations to find the ideal driver and meet the challenge of the day.

    • Shafts are available from some of the best-known and most respected manufacturers in the industry today.

    • Shafts and clubheads an be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled with the torque wrench.

    • FT-i and FT-5 heads represent the finest in driver technology Callaway Golf has to offer for maximum distance and accuracy.