RAZR X Black Irons/RAZR X HL Hybrids Combo Set

    SKU: irons-razr-x-black-hybrids-razr-x-hl-combo


    Features & Benefits

    RAZR X Black Irons
    RAZR X Black irons are made for maximum precision and distance from anywhere on the course. These advanced irons incorporate a progressive distance through the set which allows for better consistency and accuracy. The Black PVD Finish gives off less glare with a distinctive look.

    RAZR X HL Hybrids
    These game-improvement RAZR X HL Hybrids give amateurs the versatility to hit longer, higher shots that will fly straighter, even when the ball isn't hit square. The Zero Roll Design clubface leads to more distance and soft landings, coupled with Vertical CG Optimization for a lower CG. The club has even more forgiveness because of the Inertia Driven Design that focuses on an increased hosel offset for a better impact with a squared clubface.