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Graphite Stiff Aldila Tour Blue Driver Graphite Mens Standard $185.99
HT (13.5°) Graphite Stiff Aldila Tour Blue Driver Graphite Mens Standard $164.99

Product Overview

The X2 Hot Driver is longer, faster, more forgiving, with faster ball speeds & advanced adjustability. You’ll adjust.

Note: Wrench is included.
  • New Hyper Speed Face:What do you get from our fastest, thinnest all-titanium driver ever? Oh, just faster ball speeds, a much larger sweet spot and more forgiveness to make it even longer. No, really. You’ll adjust.
  • Improved Head Shape and Construction: We changed everything to give you more ball speed on shots hit on the center of the face and on off-center shots as well. We know you don’t hit it there, but the other guys do – 65% of the time. So, you know, for those guys, drives are going to go a long, long way wherever they hit it on the clubface.
  • New Advanced Adjustable Hosel Technology: Here’s the quick 3-step process. Step 1: Increase or decrease loft in 1° increments (up to +2° or down -1°) to optimize launch angle and spin. Step 2: Adjust to a Draw or Neutral bias to optimize shot shape. Step 3: Hit absolute bombs off the tee, maximizing distance with more accuracy. Players really seem to like step 3.
  • Aldila Tour Blue Shaft: This premium shaft offering delivers excellent feel and control. It’s built to optimize launch conditions too.


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Mens X2 Hot Drivers Product Specs

Model Loft Lie CC Face Angle Available In Length Swing Weight
9.0 Adjustable Adjustable 460 Square RH / LH 46" D3
10.5 Adjustable Adjustable 460 Square RH / LH 46" D3
13.5 HT Adjustable Adjustable 460 Square RH / LH 46" D3

Aldila Tour Blue Driver Graphite

Manufacturer Flex Shaft Weight Torque Kickpoint
Aldila Light 56 mid mid-low
Aldila Regular 58 mid mid-low
Aldila Stiff 58 mid mid

Women's X2 Hot Drivers Product Specs

Model Loft Lie CC Face Angle Available In Length Swing Weight
10.5 Adjustable 58.5° 460 Adjustable RH / LH 45" C8
13.5 Adjustable 58.5° 460 Adjustable RH / LH 45" C8

Aldila Tour Blue Driver Graphite

Manufacturer Flex Shaft Weight Torque Kickpoint
Aldila Women's 46 mid low
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X2 Hot Drivers 4.5 5 66 66
Long, forgiving and very easy to hit. I bought the 10.5 regular flex driver. I am 65 with an average swing speed around 90 mph. I adjusted the driver to 9.5 loft and with the draw setting. I am hitting it long, straight and at least 20 yards further than my old driver. The tour blue shafts in these clubs are great, probably the best shaft Callaway has ever sold. I am a 13 handicap. This is a great driver and I highly recommend it. January 28, 2014
increase in distance i was fitted at PGA Superstore in Az and their rep put the XHot 2 driver in my hands and said " this is the best new driver out there for distance" Well , he sold me. I took it out the next day and got a 10-15 % increase in yardage. Also the club feels great. I have tried many drivers. I am 64 with a swing speed of 85-90, looking for more distance. You will not be disappointed with this club. February 3, 2014
Great New Driver I absolutely love my new Callaway X2 Hot Driver. I've been using the FT-9 driver which is also good but I felt I needed an upgrade. The X2 looks great and is easy to use. Both the Driver and the Irons. I know I've gain several yards in my drives and accuracy with the X2 irons . I also use the Callaway HEX Black golf ball. I am an 8 handicap, 50+ year old from Arizona. March 10, 2014
I love this driver! My pro gave me a demo club to use for 18 holes. Wow! The ball explodes off the clubface and launches high with little effort. I have been using a TaylorMade R9 for five years and that club is now in the garage. I have gained at least 15-20 yards with this driver and hitting shorter clubs into all the par 4's. The clubface is very forgiving- even off-center hits are much longer. After the "demo round" I immediately proceeded to the pro shop and bought this club. I love the look, feel, sound and performance of this club. January 24, 2014
Awesome!!! I am a year into the second leg my golfing career. After a 30 year hiatus, I have picked up the game again, principally because my children (ages 14 and 7) have a love for it. After a year relearning and establishing a base, I thought it was time to invest in some new clubs. I worked through a who's who of manufacturers and decided upon this club for my "show" shot. It's freaking awesome! My solid drives are a good 220 to 230 yards with a head speed averaging 80-85. My mishits are also a significant improvement over my prior solid ones. I have adjusted for loft and slice, thus achieving a solid straight(er) shot that sets me up nicely for my approach. I will be filling the rest of my bag with this family of club. January 26, 2014
Best Driver I have ever hit just for a little background, I am around a 20 handycap and only get out to play a few times a year. A friend of mine game me the opportunity to hit the range play 9 holes with this club and I cant tell you how amazing it was. I have never been able to pin-point my shot off the tee-box. I ended up with a par on 5 out of the 9 holes because of my drives. After the first couple of hits, my ball mark on the face was right near the heal of the club yet it still flew straight. This club has rekindled my schoolboy crush with golf. I will never hit another driver! February 18, 2014
This club affords easy face positions for easy control. I have been playing Callaway for 30 years. Two years ago, I bought a complete set of XHots. I love the irons, but this new X2Hot Driver goes way beyond my XHot Pro Driver. The more you hit it, the more confidence it gives you...... and it goes further, even on mis hits. You have to try it. I chose this over the new Big Bertha, because I think it is more forgiving. March 18, 2014
Long And Accurate Had a gift card from Christmas and purchased the 9 Degree with stock stiff fully intending to give it to my son. Long story short he is going to have to buy his own! This is without a doubt off the rack the longest, best feeling and most accurate driver I have ever owned. I am consistently 15 yds or more longer than I am with my TM SLDR TP model with an upgraded shaft. The stock Aldila Tour Blue shaft is excellent and smooth with tight dispersion. I play to a 5 hcp and my ss is 105 plus and the shaft held up perfectly. Callway is back! February 2, 2014
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