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Loft Head Color Crown Color Sole Color OptiFit Shaft Material Shaft Flex Shaft Type Length Outlet Like New Very Good Good Average
Graphite Regular Mitsubishi Fubuki ZT 60 Graphite Standard
Graphite Stiff Mitsubishi Fubuki ZT 60 Graphite Standard $199.99 $180.99 $161.99
Graphite Stiff Fujikura Motore Speeder 665 Graphite Standard $280.99
Graphite Stiff Mitsubishi (2015) Diamana S+ 60G Graphite Standard $248.99
Graphite Stiff Mitsubishi Diamana (White) 63 Graphite Standard $248.99
Graphite Stiff Mitsubishi Diamana (Blue) S+ 62 Graphite Standard $217.99
Graphite Stiff Mitsubishi Fubuki Zeta 50 Graphite Standard $185.99
Graphite Stiff Matrix Velox SP Graphite Standard $229.99
Graphite 6.0 (Stiff) Project X LZ Driver Graphite Womens Standard
Graphite XStiff Mitsubishi Fubuki ZT 60 Graphite Standard
Graphite XStiff Aldila Green NV 85 Graphite Standard
Graphite XStiff Aldila RIP Phenom 70 Graphite Standard $217.99
Graphite XStiff Mitsubishi Diamana Kaili 60 Graphite Standard $272.99
Graphite XStiff Matrix 7X3 White Tie Graphite Standard $241.99
Graphite XStiff Fujikura Motore Speeder 6.2 Tour Spec Graphite - 1/2 in $296.99
10.5° Graphite Regular Mitsubishi Fubuki ZT 60 Graphite Standard $229.99
10.5° Graphite Stiff Mitsubishi Fubuki ZT 60 Graphite Standard
10.5° Graphite Stiff UST AXIVCore 69 Graphite - 1/2 in $211.99
10.5° Graphite XStiff Mitsubishi Fubuki ZT 60 Graphite Standard $211.99

Product Overview

Big Bertha Alpha features the revolutionary Gravity Core to maximize distance in the most advanced driver we've ever made.

Please note: The stock 7 and 1 gram weights ship with the club. The additional 3 and 5 gram weights do not. Adjustment wrench is included.
    Gravity Control Adjustability:

    What’s the story on Gravity Control Adjustability? Let’s break it down:

  • For the first time ever, the Gravity Core lets you adjust unwanted spin independently of launch angle, so you get completely optimized ball flights and longer distance. You want an extreme low spin driver? You can have it. Or a more total performance, mid-low spin driver? Yep, absolutely. It’s not magic; it’s the Gravity Core in action.
  • Together with the adjustable hosel, players now have an added dimension of adjustability to optimize launch angle. So now you get EVEN MORE ball speed and distance. We hope that’s okay with you.
  • Dial in your preferred directional bias with the adjustable weights, enhancing a Draw or Neutral shot shape for more accuracy. Whatever flight you want, Big Bertha Alpha can give it to you.
  • Hyper Speed Face
  • A revolutionary new face design – it’s larger, and more robust than ever to increase ball speeds across the face. Expect longer drives, more consistently.
  • Advanced Adjustable Hosel
  • Here’s the quick 3-step process. Step 1: Increase or decrease loft in 1° increments (up to +2° or down -1°) to optimize launch angle and spin. Step 2: Adjust Draw or Neutral bias to optimize shot shape. Step 3: Hit absolute bombs off the tee, maximizing distance with more accuracy. Players really seem to like step 3.
  • Forged Composite
  • It’s a high strength, lightweight crown that saves crucial weight. And here’s what we get by saving that weight: Gravity Core for vertical CG adjustability with a lighter, more preferred swing weight. That’s why when you add four independent forms of adjustability to a driver for the first time ever, you’ve got to have Forged Composite.
  • Premium New Mitsubishi Fubuki Tour Shaft
  • Big Bertha Alpha has a new Tour shaft offering from Mitsubishi, who makes some of the most trusted shafts on Tour. It’s called the Fubuki ZT Shaft, and it’s designed to increase energy transfer, resulting in more ball speed while delivering a mid launch with low spin, an ideal shot shape for long, penetrating distance.


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Mens Big Bertha Alpha Driver Product Specs

Model Availability Length Lie CC Total Weight Swing Weight
RH / LH 45.5" Adjustable 460 Adjustable D3
10.5° RH / LH 45.5" Adjustable 460 Adjustable D3

Mitsubishi Fubuki Zeta Tour Graphite

Manufacturer Flex Shaft Weight Torque Kickpoint
Mitsubishi Rayon Light 60 mid mid
Mitsubishi Rayon Regular 61 mid mid
Mitsubishi Rayon Stiff 62 mid-low mid-high
Mitsubishi Rayon X-Stiff 65 low high
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Big Bertha Alpha Drivers 4.6 5 174 174
Big year coming up for Callaway Played it last week in Florida and was blown away by this clubs performance. Great feel, unbelievably accurate and forgiving. Distance was more than adequate. I now have a bag full of Titleist products and a Callaway Alpha driver sticking out of my Titleist bag. January 28, 2014
This is a great driver I have a full bag of Titleist Clubs, except driver. I have been playing with the Callaway RFX which I really like but the second I hit this driver at a demo I was blown away. Im not a buy a new driver every year player but might need to make an exception this year. I was geting faster ball speeds with this driver from the first ball I hit. The stock shaft is also exceptional. Im not a guy who writes many reviews but this driver impressed me. February 6, 2014
Adjustability on a whole new level It's been a long time since I have been this excited about a driver. A little bit about me , I play off a scratch and have done so for the last 15 years , I also happen to work in the Golf industry as a Master Fitter here in South Africa. All I do all day is fittings and look at numbers , the Alpha is hands down the most adjustable driver out there. By adding the gravity core Callaway have taken fitting a driver to a players specific needs to a whole new level! I have managed to achieve unbelievable results in fittings since its launch , there is no comparison to anything else out there , we found the core to make substantial changes to spin rates in our testing and it works with everyone , not just the stronger player. What also needs to be said is that added to all the adjustability is the Hyper Speed Frame face , which from what I have seen gives substantial ball speed increases across the face , in simple terminology , miss hits off this driver goes miles!! Keep up the innovation and to all reading this BERTHA IS BACK!!! February 23, 2014
Callaway has gone to a new level this time in with their products.... This is a must read story..... I am a very lucky person I am friends with a state rep for Callaway and i was privledged to try out the new products and give some unbiased opinions. I am no pro just Mr golf tragic who wants to improve his game at any cost. So bring it on I said, I was happy to go anywhere & do anything to try the new gear & let me say OMG I was blown away! I hit every club and iron in the Callaway range with every shaft option in the fitting cart I could lay my hands on. Now this was over a few days on the range and the course, also in competition and social play. You have to read these results if you want to improve your game or you will be left behind in the dust. Firstly the balls, I have tried the SR2 & SR3 and played in the local competition with them, tried them in serious wind and even a bit of rain. I was all over the hex chrome + until I hit these new puppies and it's like, where have you been all my life! Extra distance off the tee is superb and they both stop on the green, they have a really nice feel off the club face, not clunky and heavy or like a rock just a nice feel, but the thing that really impressed me was the way the balls held their line in the wind, it was like shooting arrows. To make sure I was not just excited I got a good friend to get some other brand balls and attack them with a sharpies so I didn't know what I was hitting exactly and I went to town belting them to check distance flight and feel and let me tell you now, that ball company that tells everyone it's number 1 is going to have to settle for 2nd place this year when people start realising the potential of the new speed regime balls. I have an SR2 swing speed but I could still hit the SR3 great as well............... So Big Bertha Alpha driver was the next piece of heaven I got my hands on. To start last year I shifted between the xhot pro driver and the razr fit extreme. I was very happy but I used to get a bit of side spin on occasion if I didn't get in a near perfect swing. Hello Bertha, I hit this the first time and I was like, this is pure, finally a great looking club that sits nice even to my average eye and skill set. The finish, styling and shape is like comparing a new BMW to an old Hyundai excel, just surperb. R&D have just blown us all away with this driver. Now I tried 7 different shafts and flexes to get it right, marked out distance, ball flight feel, workability the lot. I finally settled on a Diamana Ahina 70 x-flex shaft, I am quite fit, reasonably strong A grader but pushing 45yrs on the age scale but can still hit it. So this is the crowning moment for any golfer and it happened to me on last saturday in my local golf competition. I am on the first tee with club pro 32yrs old off scratch, a 26yr old 5 marker and a 28 yr old off 7 and here is me off 11. We're off the plates (back tees) on a pair 5 first hole and there is a buzz around any golf club saturday morning, sun is out, no wind, members are happy they're out of the house playing golf and not doing chores. Now everyone dreads the first tee shot of the day especially while there is a crowd and there was a crowd of about 20 players or so. The other three guys tee off before me two of them on the left side of the fairway and one in left rough all between 200m to 215m out. I unwrap a new SR2 remove Big Bertha Alpha's cover tee it up and smash it dead straight down the middle of the fairway and the ball took photos as it flew past the other balls. I had a 7 iron 149m into a back pin for my 2nd shot on a par 5. That's ridiculous, red foo would have even been amazed! I didnt care what happened the rest of the day but the cheers from my fellow club members and the look on the faces of the much better credentialed players was priceless! The even more astounding thing is I hit 12 out of 14 fairways and that driver has a ball flight that looks like I play off scratch. My side spin has gone thanks to adjustability of the Alpha and I am bombing it 30m minimum more than last years drivers. I could work the ball left and right so the combination of Big Bertha and the SR balls has done things to my game that we dream of. I am speechless and excited and bye bye 11 handicap. Everyone needs to try out these drivers if you want to be the best you can be or get left behind the pack. Just make sure one of the Callaway guys fits you with the correct shaft so your as happy as I am and it will be missles coming to your home course.... For any doubters just check the tour results for last weekend and you will see all the Callway guys have improved this year straight out the box with the new balls and clubs. January 20, 2014
Great looks and adjustability I tried the Alpha Driver and the Great Big Bertha at a Demo day yesterday. I originally liked the feel of the GBB, but after some adjustments from the rep, I was hitting the Alpha 15 metres further and just as straight. More importantly, I was getting a lot less spin. Quality club, but the only thing I will say is that the Aldila Tour shafts are better than the Mitsubishi Fubaki. At least they were for me. January 17, 2014
This was not a marketing ploy. The Bertha is back !!! I will start off by saying I own a callaway 3 deep, play MD2 60 C, and play Hex Chrome+ balls. I play and loved a driver that was introduced last year (with a chunk missing and red in color, hint hint). So while I do like Callaway products, I don't care who the manufacture is I play which club best fits game. Today I spent 3 hrs testing 2 club by Cally, 2 by the company that makes my current gamer and 1 by a company that uses puppets to advertise their drivers????? I didn't want to like this club and after my first few balls almost gave up on it due to the hard feel it seemed to have .However, I went back after warming up my swing a bit more and this club just stood out so much I had to write this review. All clubs were set-up at 9 or 9.5 neutral and core down (for alpha#. The launch for me was right at 11 to 12 and the total spin average was right around the very low 2000rpm some drives were as low as 1700rpms. The Alpha was the easiest of all the drivers to shape. A nice piercing draw. This club gave me the highest average ball speed by 2 mph over the 2nd best club. It was 5 mph faster than my current driver. I will also confess that I hate 460cc drivers but the foot print on this club looks smaller than my current driver listed at 430cc #love this club at address# my SS was 107 average which given march in Michigan after the winter seems right at this point but these numbers seemed mid season to me and I Ioved it . ps the low spin rate was dominate compared to the group. Forgiveness was better than expected. Once I deemed this club the champ I tried different "core loft" combos #core down 9 for me, best fit) and the possibilities with the weight kit would be real interesting IMO March 13, 2014
product performed I recently played a round with a callaway rep who let me use this driver, the thing is like a low spinning rocket launcher.. once dialed in, it performed better then my current driver, spin rates seemed alot lower. and ball flight seemed more penetrating.. the sound was kind of hard but not bad, a little heavy for my likes but it comes with adjustable weight kit to change swing weight, overall a great driver, January 21, 2014
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